Fake Feedees Don’t Exist

Some time ago on one of the more popular feedist hangouts, someone lamented about Fake Feedees™ and how the majority of feedees aren’t really there to gain or eat for feeders and they’re just there to… do what, exactly? Scam you for food… for them to do what with it?

Oh, eat? Okay.

If you have not already read it, now is the time to check out my post on why I am personally not a gaining feedee (spoiler alert: it’s because feedee is a mindset and activity, not a personality trait).

This is not going to be a long post, because the point is going to be rather simple: fake feedees don’t exist.

If someone is engaging in any consensual feedist activity, that’s not fake. Maybe the person is not meeting your expectations or is compatible with your desires but if they are participating in something that you both recognize as feedist in nature, how does that make them a poser? What’s fake about it? What are they misrepresenting?

Being a feedist of any persuasion is entirely subjective to each person. If that person’s place on the spectrum isn’t one that’s compatible with yours, that doesn’t make them “fake.” You are not the fatty police.

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