The Correct Word is “Feedism.”

Don’t mind me, just rolling through with a bite for you to think about when it comes to discussing this kink.

Many people erroneously call it feederism, but if I may, please reconsider shortening to feedism.

Feederism refers to only one half of the dynamic and eliminates the other very important part: feedees. It erases them from the discussion, when the kink wouldn’t exist at all without them! Can’t feed someone if there isn’t a willing partner to receive it, right?

Additionally, referring to it as feederism implies that there is a hierarchy and that feeders are the authority or the norm. In reality, just as feedism can’t exist without feedees, nor can it exist without feeders—but one is not more important than the other.

All feeders are feedists. All feedees are feedists. The entire bubble wrapped up is feedism.

That’s all, thank you, carry on!