If you would like a sexy story that brings your specific fantasies to life, let’s talk!

I currently offer short story commissions. The length of the story will remain the same—no less than 2,750 words, and no more than 3,500—but you can choose the level of commission privacy.


2,750—3,500 words

Simple Plot
Something that falls under the Yes! category. Straightforward feeding, inflation scenarios and tropes. One expanding character. No extraneous details or subkinks.

Less-Simple Plot
Some of the “NO!” items are slightly negotiable at this price, such as but not limited to: adapting existing properties, anthro, multiple forms of expansion, more than one person expanding, or extraneous subkinks.

Looking for something extra-special and simply never to be seen by anothers’ eyes? My rates for this start at $200 and there is a lot more flexibility with plot, but not carte blanche.





Are you a visual artist or model and need some extra oomph to your captions? I will write 500 words to really enhance a piece of art! This is per piece—a great value for sequences in a single file. Artists must own the rights to all content and must credit author and display vignette upon delivery.



Most of the expansion art community exists on dA. You can also use points if you have some to burn!

Buy Me A Coffee

If you would rather use good ol’ cash (well the plastic kind…) head over to my BMAC!

Please note that final word count is to be determined by the author, not buyer.

All tiers include ONE (1) rough draft preview before author revisions.
Please allow 30 days for delivery.
Prices are USD and final.

Ready to talk? Do you have any questions? Shoot me a message and tell me your idea!