Stuffing Season

Dee and Michaela have been friends with benefits for some time. They indulge each other in some particular fantasies but are careful to not let it interfere with their day to day life. Then, one day, Dee makes an offer to Michaela that she can’t refuse. Or, can she? Should she? What happens when they let go of their own inhibitions and indulge in each others’ wildest fantasies?
It’s halfway through Dee and Michaela’s arrangement and things are filling out—a lot like Michaela’s many clothes! In this steamy, tasty conclusion to the story, follow along as these two get their fair share and then some. As Michaela plumps up, though, does she sense something going on with Dee?

I’ve always wanted to write a slow-gain fun story based on blackmail and what effect it would have on two people who already knew they had intense chemistry and desire to please each other. This is a great duology to snuggle up with after a fulfilling meal or stuffing session!