Hello! I’m Lora.

I’ve been in the scene for at least 15 years. My origin story is not terribly unique, but it started with expansion and inflation, then as I explored more, I discovered the delights of feedism and all it entails.

Writing has always come naturally to me and after some career changes a few years ago I realized it’s the thing I “should” have been doing all along. If I ever get a handle on my undergrad student debt I’ve considered journalism school or a creative writing MFA.

I am an essayist in my non-Lora life and that has definitely spilled to this as well as my erotic fiction. I enjoy both equally. I am always available for commission or advice!

Some non-feedist things about me: sunflowers are my favorite and try to have some fresh ones in the house whenever I can. I love hiking and road trips. I am an avid Tetris player and intend to compete in 2022 or 2023.

To learn more about me, dig through the FAQ and Personal files, but most of my content is here for you, the reader!