The Life of Lora

Catch-all Catch-up

We’ll get to the good stuff first: I am going to share a few excerpts from upcoming work I’m really excited about.

Then other stuff after; I owe it to you all. Status of current commissions, taking on new ones, and why things are the way they are.


Being around here, on the networks, etc… they are all pretty triggering and I just can’t invest in them right now.

FAQ: Everything You Want to Know About My Writing Process

I get asked these so often and in such a predictable sequence that I decided they all belonged in their own single post. Behold, everything you all want to know about my writing process and some quick things about etiquette when asking a writer about their craft.

Hey, Feedists: Stop Complaining About Distance

I’m going to state something outright that is going to be a tough pill to swallow if you seek any type of real-life feedist experience: travel is almost certainly going to be part of the package, friends. This is especially true if you are seeking a long-term or otherwise committed relationship.

How To Have “The Kink” Talk With Your Partner

You’ve been seeing someone for awhile and you are ready to talk to them about feedism. This is a short and sweet guide about to have that conversation, regardless whether it’s someone you met on a feedist network or out in the wild.

Rich Bosses Are Always Weird

“Besides,” he said, bringing a glass of wine to his lips. “It’s not as though you are a stranger to an extra helping or two, isn’t that right?”

The shock of his bold statement literally startled Stephanie. While her face reddened as deeply as the tomatoes blended into the soup, Alan just chuckled as the staff member tucked a linen napkin under her chin and handed her a fork.

Happy New Year! I have a question for you

So… it’s been almost three months since I posted something here. It’s not for a lack of content and ideas (I have plenty of drafts awaiting further writing or revision). To keep a very long story short is that I’m quite confident that I have ADHD and I’m on the path to getting a diagnosis. […]

FAQ: …so, what brings you here?

First: for the love of all that is unholy, please stop asking people this question. It’s one thing if it’s in context, like you’re at a bar and someone mentions they’re from out of town. But just during the greetings and the like—on kink networks, the implication is already there. If you ask me this […]


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