The Life of Lora


Hey everyone, I’m alive! I didn’t mean to go MIA. February got the best of me, not in a good way, and then I immediately turned around and had a nice vacation—a word I haven’t been able to use in a long time! The sucky part is that I had to turn right around from…

Easing into Things

Way, way too many things have been going on in my actual real life. Not all of the things are bad (though most are) but still, they are Things and there are wayyy too many of them at the moment.

No, I’m Not the Mole

I don’t have the energy to go into full detail with everything and write a whole novella so bear with me. This is just to clear up any rumor or implication that I am somehow a mole for Grokio.

Catch-all Catch-up

We’ll get to the good stuff first: I am going to share a few excerpts from upcoming work I’m really excited about.

Then other stuff after; I owe it to you all. Status of current commissions, taking on new ones, and why things are the way they are.


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