Tasty ’20: The Collection

An anthology that contains all of the following:

Stuffing Season

Dee and Michaela have been friends with benefits for some time. They indulge each other in some particular fantasies but are careful to not let it interfere with their day to day life. Then, one day, Dee makes an offer to Michaela that she can’t refuse. Or, can she? Should she? What happens when they let go of their own inhibitions and indulge in each others’ wildest fantasies?

Naughty Nicola & Dolly’s Day Off

Dolly and Derek enjoy an open relationship with a lot of fun and playmates. However, on Dolly’s day off, she misses Derek, who is busy working long hours with a new promotion. Dolly has been especially enjoying Derek’s attention while he appreciates her appetite and growing waistline. A beautiful woman named Nicola shows up at the door saying that Derek sent her to keep Dolly company while he finishes his shift. But who is Nicola, exactly? And what will Derek think when he gets home?

Once Around the Sun

Follow the journey of a new couple in their first year as they explore what happens when they combine food and pleasure. Told in a mixed first and second-person perspective where the feeder is gender-neutral to please a variety of alignments and orientations. This is a steamy one perfect to curl up in bed with (maybe after a big dinner!)