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Hey everyone, I’m alive! I didn’t mean to go MIA. February got the best of me, not in a good way, and then I immediately turned around and had a nice vacation—a word I haven’t been able to use in a long time! The sucky part is that I had to turn right around from that and go back to work and so I’ve been busier than I expected. But I’m just about caught up on life stuff and will have two (2!!) updates for you before the month is out.

I will return emails and messages throughout the next week or so. Thank you for your patience!

The Radford Files: RENO-1

Rejoice! New work!

To most Americans, it was odd to see these groups cooperate so well in ways they hadn’t before. Fatphobia was officially outlawed and regulated, and no one was being required to adhere to it, so what was the problem? Why were they raising such a stink?

The truth is that these groups all saw the writing on the wall. They knew what was coming: enforcement.

Does that pique your interest? Head over to my DeviantART for the full scoop. This will launch in full later in the spring. Typically, I’d wait until I had artwork and formatting ready but I just couldn’t anymore. I’ve been working on this for so long! So consider this a soft pre-launch.

In my last post, I mentioned some new things were coming. It’s very late for me and I was pushing to get this polished and ready before bed, so here’s the quick-n-dirty list:

  • COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Not only are they open but you get instant quotes. Seriously, go try it!
  • SITE STORE and GUMROAD are OPEN! I upgraded the site and everything purchased through here is secure but if you’re just used to another merchant, there you go.
  • The Tasty ’20 Collection is LIVE: I compiled several of my stories into an affordable bundle. Available in all my stores 🙂
  • Some site reorganization: I changed up the fonts and tweaked a few settings, but didn’t want to go all-out on a full re-design. If you use mobile you won’t notice, but the menus have changed and been condensed, new items added, etc.

That’s all for now, friends.

Thank you for reading my post today! If you enjoyed it, you may also be interested in my erotica or even a commission.

Hi, hello

I didn’t mean to be gone for as extra long as I was!

So the good news is that I have good news, but I am too tired to go into detail, so this is just a good-news-precursor to good news.

I meant to make my first-post-of-2023 have a lot of pizzazz and sparkle and stuff but glitter sucks and gets jammed in everything so I’m just gonna break it down a bit. Also I fell down a goddamn escalator* the other day and that might have a wee bit of influence on how half-assed this will be.

So, here’s what’s coming this year:

More stories—on the regular

This was something I actually planned for last year but too many things happened and just didn’t stop. I also didn’t have enough material and resources ready to do it, but I do now! I’m going to be releasing stories/installments on a monthly basis. Not necessarily regular monthly basis, but during every calendar month. So you might get one on the 28th and then the next on the 5th. Who knows! I was hoping to drop the first one with this entry but I just don’t have that juice yet. But it’ll be exciting when I do 🙂

More storefronts!

I actually have this ready to go! One of them, anyway. Well, two. But I have to do some integration a bit with the website I haven’t had much time or energy to do, but it will be launched shortly-ish.

I am also considering pulling my stuff from Amazon because you cheap asswipes keep returning my books which I then pay for. It’s fucking erotica, my friends. My stuff is dirt-cheap. There is no excuse. Stop it.

And another thing…

Little do many of you know, but I keep screenshots. I have a “good” and “bad” folder. Guess which one is chock full of misogyny, entitlement, racism, sexism, ableism, and all manner of social ineptitude?

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. These are going to be anonymized and used mostly as, erm, well, education. They arent for relationships that went bad or fights between friends or anything but people who have terrible internet ettiquette that don’t see anyone on the receiving end of their abuse as human beings. Basically: what not to do.

This is not the first priority, but it’s definitely on the list this year to start. So get ready for that!

That’s it for now! Get ready for a lot more actual content from me, starting sometime before the end of the month.

*The escalator is fine. I have a cane now. Been shaking at kids to get off my damn lawn all day.

See You Soon!

I had hoped to have a number of things ready around Christmas but they’ll have to wait just a bit longer. A new store(s), stories, etc.

After I finished Nanowrimo (and I won! With lots of kinky goodness to edit…) I basically have had my ass handed to me at work and it isn’t likely to let up before the holiday.

Everything is fine, I just need to take an extra breather right now. And, gentle reminder to be kind to literally anyone you have to encounter working during this season—work stress means I’m getting a lot of furious email and voicemails that people think no one reads but I do, heh, and it just takes a toll.

It’s a temporary thing with my job and it’ll pass. I’m fortunate to have a lot of experience with it and I don’t take it personally but it does mean I need some extra time for myself to rest and relax (and book a massage or three).

If things let up and I get the energy to launch the projects I’ve been working on before the new year then, surprise! But if not I’ll see you all very soon.

If you need a steamy Christmassy feedist romp in the meantime I’d like to suggest this:

Thank you for reading my post today! If you enjoyed it, you may also be interested in my erotica or even a commission.

Easing into Things

Way, way too many things have been going on in my actual real life. Not all of the things are bad (though most are) but still, they are Things and there are wayyy too many of them at the moment.

Even when they kind of slow down, I’m finally able to stop and take a breath only to realize I am coming down with something.

While I haven’t been writing or posting, I have been working on some things for this little corner of the Internet.

But right now I am not in a huge rush to get to it.

One of the few good things that have happened recently was finally getting an ADHD diagnosis and starting treatment. It’s been successful but I find that just learning how to function like an actual adult in ways I didn’t know most people actually do is in and of itself quite a task. A fascinating and enjoyable one (mostly) but a time and energy-consuming one for sure. Interrogating and exploring how I interact with my world, community, and immediate surroundings in a way I never have before is taxing.

A few months ago, the guilt of not being “productive” or meeting arbitrary goals would devour me from the inside. The guilt would then fester all the while my brain was spinning, coming up with a million ideas and mentally reorganizing everything in my life with no ability to execute any of it. It’s incredibly frustrating to basically be stuck in your own mind with no way out.

That’s changing, slowly but surely. But right now I’m mostly enjoying experiencing life with a shred of executive function, connecting my mind and body more often, and just learning how I approach and interact with new and old situations now.

I don’t put any of that pressure on myself anymore, not right now. It’s a lot like learning how to walk again but I’m much more fascinated than intimidated by it. And so that’s primarily my focus.

So what does this all have to do with the deliciously deviant stuff I do around here?


Things are coming. I’ve finally been able to start putting some things together I’ve wanted to do for years. I’m ready to start talking about some things that I can only say here in this space. And most importantly, I’m working on a fuck ton (official unit of measurement) of stories and other goodies that I can’t wait for everyone to read.

But I’m not in a rush. In a perfect world, I could get these things all done before the end of the year but time is a construct and it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to be closing commissions soon, definitely through the end of the year at least. When I reopen them, they will be restructured.

I’m working on some site and content management-type things. Nothing wild, just new for me and hopefully accessible for you.

I recently shared some previews of projects I’m working on and those, most importantly, will get finished (plus all the ones I didn’t mention 🙂

It’s all coming but it’ll get here eventually. When it’s time.

    Happy New Year! I have a question for you

    So… it’s been almost three months since I posted something here. It’s not for a lack of content and ideas (I have plenty of drafts awaiting further writing or revision). To keep a very long story short is that I’m quite confident that I have ADHD and I’m on the path to getting a diagnosis. It just explains so much about things.

    In the meantime, however, I’ve been enacting some things to help better manage my focus and productivity a bit that have been mostly working out. So while I’m getting all that arranged, I’d like to ask you what are some things you’d like to see here? Specific fat-kink-related topics you’d like discussed? Advice columns? Q&As? Whatever?

    Keep in mind I do have some things in the works but I’d still love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to sound off below or reach out to me on Feabie or FF.

    Thank you for reading my post today! If you enjoyed it, you may also be interested in my erotica or even a commission.

    What’s coming in August…

    I’ve been rather busy with, as Officer Friendly Rark Grames says: stuff and thangs. You know the usual: work, pandemic, existential dread…

    Anyway. So! Here is a quick list of what is going to go down, hopefully, during the month of August:

    • Feedee survey result discussions (expect several)
    • A new story!
    • Some more feminist ranty goodness from me 🙂 I don’t want to quite give it away just yet, but my list of blog topics and outlines are burgeoning more than waistbands at Thanksgiving bash.

    And most importantly…

    I’m doing a story giveaway!

    Basically yeah, it’s totally a grab to get more blog subscribers (so I don’t have to run a mailing list) and keep my titles ranking on Amazon. I am working on getting Smashwords and other markets ready but formatting is a bitch and I hate it, that’s really the thing holding that up. But the upside is that if you do that, you might get a chance to basically get a free commission from me! That’s pretty awesome, right? Right!

    If everything goes well I could very well do these more often!

    While I was developing this giveaway, I unfortunately found out that the Jetpack blog subscription doo-hickey does not work at all with Gmail users. At. All. So I will be replacing it until WordPress can figure it out and fix it. It sucks and I’m not happy about it but that’s the way it goes. So if you subscribe to the blog using gmail, I have to manually add you and then you have to activate the invitation. This would not be an issue so much if it was, say, Yahoo causing the problems… but Gmail? Ugh.

    If you subscribed to the blog using gmail and never got a confirmation, please submit again here and I’ll send you the confirmation again. Sorry 🙁

    Expanding The Market Horizons…

    So as you may be aware I recently held a sale over on Amazon and at the time I indicated that it’s unlikely I would hold one again in the future.

    This is because I had my titles previously enrolled in KDP Select. If you’re not familiar, this basically just means that my ebooks were exclusive to the Kindle platform. I did this simply for ease and efficiency.

    One of the problems I fell into was not consistently publishing though; as you can see, I currently only have five titles published. There are more on the way but I have not been good about writing consistently because I manage two other mainstream pennames, all with inconsistent results.

    However, I’ve decided to pull my titles from KDP Select so I can go wide on the market which would make the stories much more accessible to you as a reader. Here are some things I have brewing in order of priority:

    • Launching current and future titles on Smashwords and/or Draft2Digital for wide distribution
    • Publishing a new title or installment every other week until I reach a specific goal
    • Upgrading my website to include an ebookstore
    • Launching a Patreon

    I don’t have the audience yet to really justify the site upgrade (a few hundred dollars) or the Patreon but it’s a goal for later this year or sometime next.

    In mid-June, when my KDP Select obligations expire, there will be a lot more coming forth on that front!