Would You Believe Me If I Said…

…that I didn’t mean to go 6+ months without a visible update? And that I have been busting ass behind the scenes? At least as much as I can. Which hasn’t been much at all, but sort of moving in that general direction. I suppose it doesn’t matter if you would or wouldn’t believe me, that’s not the point!

I had to prioritize my health. I’m fine, but I also had to temporarily disconnect from a number of things in my life to be fine. When that evened out, I got COVID. My infection was normal but I’ve dealt with lingering and intense fatigue ever since that borders on narcolepsy. I’m sure you can imagine what a hindrance it is to damn near fall asleep in the middle of doing something!

All the same, I do have updates and have not abandoned anything here!

The Lounge

One of them is something I have been slowly developing for a while. It’s not likely to be ready anytime soon, at least 6-12 months from now. It’s something that’s been at the back of my mind for years with this stuff and I’ve started making moves toward bringing it to reality.

I will eventually launch my own kink social platform. Currently, I have no plans to monetize it, just build and open it. I am, however, dedicated to developing an ethical and safety-first approach for marginalized users and working out how to plan, moderate, and operate it. It won’t be much in the beginning but it’ll be something, and the intention is that something is an actual space for people like us to exist safely without being treated like garbage, abused, stalked, harassed, etc.

This is something that has ruffled me for years and years in this space—site owners willing to dangle fat bodies as bait in exchange for soggy, sweaty cash bills from the dirty socks of fedora-clad neckbeards and permitting them to repeatedly abuse the actual people that attract their buyers to begin with. I got a death threat a few weeks ago in one of these places and the first response from the team when I reported it wasn’t an immediate ban and possible reporting of the threat to authorities, but to explain why a certain feature about message filtering didn’t exist. (The person was eventually perma-banned, with a followup from a senior team member, but that it didn’t even click to them how serious it was to receive something like that was eye-opening).

Anyway—while this is a project I am slowly working on, it’s by no means my top priority, but it is officially in development. If you might be interested in assisting and are not a cishet male, reach out to me.

Commissions are… meh?

Technically speaking, commissions are open for the time being. But after thinking a lot about the kinds of requests I get, how many I have to decline, and how little time/energy I have, they may end up getting closed semi-permanently. I haven’t figured this out yet for sure. They’re open for now but I’m not likely to accept a request, and if I do, won’t start it until January-ish.

Actual content!

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I indicated that I intended to publish a story a month give or take. I’ve only put out one thing this year. Lots of kink writers can churn stuff out like nobody’s business, but I’m not nobody and it’s just not how my brain works. However, I have been working on actually working with how my brain works instead of against it so I can finally start publishing the oodles (and oodles) of the backlog I have. There really is a bunch of stuff coming and it will be ridiculous when it does!

And that’s all I have for now! It will still be slow-ish around there through the end of November before things free up in my world but there will be goodies between now and then in the meantime 🙂 So keep your eyes peeled!