The Radford Files: RENO-1

Rejoice! New work!

To most Americans, it was odd to see these groups cooperate so well in ways they hadn’t before. Fatphobia was officially outlawed and regulated, and no one was being required to adhere to it, so what was the problem? Why were they raising such a stink?

The truth is that these groups all saw the writing on the wall. They knew what was coming: enforcement.

Does that pique your interest? Head over to my DeviantART for the full scoop. This will launch in full later in the spring. Typically, I’d wait until I had artwork and formatting ready but I just couldn’t anymore. I’ve been working on this for so long! So consider this a soft pre-launch.

In my last post, I mentioned some new things were coming. It’s very late for me and I was pushing to get this polished and ready before bed, so here’s the quick-n-dirty list:

  • COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Not only are they open but you get instant quotes. Seriously, go try it!
  • SITE STORE and GUMROAD are OPEN! I upgraded the site and everything purchased through here is secure but if you’re just used to another merchant, there you go.
  • The Tasty ’20 Collection is LIVE: I compiled several of my stories into an affordable bundle. Available in all my stores 🙂
  • Some site reorganization: I changed up the fonts and tweaked a few settings, but didn’t want to go all-out on a full re-design. If you use mobile you won’t notice, but the menus have changed and been condensed, new items added, etc.

That’s all for now, friends.

Thank you for reading my post today! If you enjoyed it, you may also be interested in my erotica or even a commission.