Hi, hello

I didn’t mean to be gone for as extra long as I was!

So the good news is that I have good news, but I am too tired to go into detail, so this is just a good-news-precursor to good news.

I meant to make my first-post-of-2023 have a lot of pizzazz and sparkle and stuff but glitter sucks and gets jammed in everything so I’m just gonna break it down a bit. Also I fell down a goddamn escalator* the other day and that might have a wee bit of influence on how half-assed this will be.

So, here’s what’s coming this year:

More stories—on the regular

This was something I actually planned for last year but too many things happened and just didn’t stop. I also didn’t have enough material and resources ready to do it, but I do now! I’m going to be releasing stories/installments on a monthly basis. Not necessarily regular monthly basis, but during every calendar month. So you might get one on the 28th and then the next on the 5th. Who knows! I was hoping to drop the first one with this entry but I just don’t have that juice yet. But it’ll be exciting when I do 🙂

More storefronts!

I actually have this ready to go! One of them, anyway. Well, two. But I have to do some integration a bit with the website I haven’t had much time or energy to do, but it will be launched shortly-ish.

I am also considering pulling my stuff from Amazon because you cheap asswipes keep returning my books which I then pay for. It’s fucking erotica, my friends. My stuff is dirt-cheap. There is no excuse. Stop it.

And another thing…

Little do many of you know, but I keep screenshots. I have a “good” and “bad” folder. Guess which one is chock full of misogyny, entitlement, racism, sexism, ableism, and all manner of social ineptitude?

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. These are going to be anonymized and used mostly as, erm, well, education. They arent for relationships that went bad or fights between friends or anything but people who have terrible internet ettiquette that don’t see anyone on the receiving end of their abuse as human beings. Basically: what not to do.

This is not the first priority, but it’s definitely on the list this year to start. So get ready for that!

That’s it for now! Get ready for a lot more actual content from me, starting sometime before the end of the month.

*The escalator is fine. I have a cane now. Been shaking at kids to get off my damn lawn all day.

3 thoughts on “Hi, hello

  1. MurphmanFA

    So you’re gonna to upload a bunch of Feabie screenshots? What a fucking loser. You got banned and you’re still fixated on it. I pray you sell enough of your poorly written erotica to buy a life.

    1. loradayton


      Things I did not mention: Feabie or any individual platform.
      Things I did mention: the abuse leveled by individuals.
      Things happening in your public comment: abuse by an individual.

      I’m so sorry you miss me over on Feabie, Murph. Don’t worry, you will be the *very* first post in this series!

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