Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You

There has been a lot going on in the FA world this week. If you use Feabie and have noticed I’m missing (yes, me, the “stop deleting your damn profile you fucking cowards!” person): I got banned, big time.

I genuinely do not understand why. Well, not specifically. They never provided a reason. But anyone who knows about the dumpster fire going on there recently might have a clue. And yet! There will be surprises, so hang tight.

It’s a long story and I need to share my side of it and experience.

But at the moment I am handling real-life stuff; namely, a medical diagnosis. It’s a good one actually and it’s much more relief than anything, but it’s all happening along with this fiasco and I have to put my health first while I adjust to it.

I’ll be back soon with some updates and details! And you know, the good-good stuff 😉