Happy New Year! I have a question for you

So… it’s been almost three months since I posted something here. It’s not for a lack of content and ideas (I have plenty of drafts awaiting further writing or revision). To keep a very long story short is that I’m quite confident that I have ADHD and I’m on the path to getting a diagnosis. It just explains so much about things.

In the meantime, however, I’ve been enacting some things to help better manage my focus and productivity a bit that have been mostly working out. So while I’m getting all that arranged, I’d like to ask you what are some things you’d like to see here? Specific fat-kink-related topics you’d like discussed? Advice columns? Q&As? Whatever?

Keep in mind I do have some things in the works but I’d still love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to sound off below or reach out to me on Feabie or FF.

Thank you for reading my post today! If you enjoyed it, you may also be interested in my erotica or even a commission.