Expanding The Market Horizons…

So as you may be aware I recently held a sale over on Amazon and at the time I indicated that it’s unlikely I would hold one again in the future.

This is because I had my titles previously enrolled in KDP Select. If you’re not familiar, this basically just means that my ebooks were exclusive to the Kindle platform. I did this simply for ease and efficiency.

One of the problems I fell into was not consistently publishing though; as you can see, I currently only have five titles published. There are more on the way but I have not been good about writing consistently because I manage two other mainstream pennames, all with inconsistent results.

However, I’ve decided to pull my titles from KDP Select so I can go wide on the market which would make the stories much more accessible to you as a reader. Here are some things I have brewing in order of priority:

  • Launching current and future titles on Smashwords and/or Draft2Digital for wide distribution
  • Publishing a new title or installment every other week until I reach a specific goal
  • Upgrading my website to include an ebookstore
  • Launching a Patreon

I don’t have the audience yet to really justify the site upgrade (a few hundred dollars) or the Patreon but it’s a goal for later this year or sometime next.

In mid-June, when my KDP Select obligations expire, there will be a lot more coming forth on that front!