All of my eBooks are on sale or FREE!

Now through May 27, you can get Once Around the Sun for FREE
and other titles are $.99 – $1.99!

As summer approaches, I will be expanding my market, releasing many more titles, and really annoying the crap out of you with the express purpose of giving you something to read in bed every single night of the year. It’s unlikely I will host an Amazon sale anytime soon. Take this opportunity now while you can!

Once Around the Sun is one of my favorite things I’ve written, ever. I’m genuinely delighted to be able to share it with you. No matter what type of feedist content you like, I’m sure at least one part of it will tickle your fancy. It’s romantic, steamy, lush, and delicious!

Here is a little taste:

Hands deftly unsnapped the front clasp on a brand-new bra. I tried not to make crude comparisons to overripe melons or water balloons in my mind but the way my breasts undulated under my shirt—now a full cup size larger—left little else to the imagination.

“You take my breath away.”

Protests and accusations died on my lips as you massaged and tweaked me in all the right spots—the ones you had come to learn in intimate detail since the last vernal equinox. Spots that had become more sensitive. Ones you paid the most attention to the nights after the takeout binges, when I was stuffed to the brim and yearning for your touch.

“But don’t you love it, though?” Your hand that thumbed my rock-hard nipples slipped behind my back and snagged my loose wrists. Your other hand curled protectively around my waist. With my back and shoulders straightened in your grasp, my midsection puffed around your arm, long and thin. “I think you do. Don’t you want some more?”

Not quite your taste? Here’s a bite from Stuffing Season 1:

Another lump of peanut-buttery-milky-chocolately goo squeezed past my cheeks. My stomach gurgled as it accommodated just a little more. I closed my eyes and prayed to Venus to release me so I could concentrate. 

Delicate hands slipped the vibrator inside me and flicked it on. The pulses reverberated through my core, creating a quake in my belly. Dee placed her other hand flat on my stomach, half-kneeled on the bed. Despite her petite frame, she squared her shoulders and stood tall.

The contents of my stomach, its tightness, and the vibrator were too much. Too much! I moaned and cried as the last of the chocolate slid down my throat. With her hand resting on me, the device below bouncing around inside, and the food cramming my face—I was packed solid, to the absolute brim. 

And I had never felt so turned on in my life. 

I wanted more.

A satisfying pop sounded when Dee removed the tube a moment later. 

“Dee,” I panted. “Please. I’m going to explode.”

She smirked. “Interesting choice of words. But, soon. I need an answer from you first.”

I shook my head and worked my jaw, stretching it from its excessive use. Clearing some of the fog from my mind—in vain. “An answer about what?”

And if you like it so much you want something special for yourself, I am available for commission!

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